DIY Gaming


Episode 74 – DIY Gaming
(a.k.a. It’s Only Got to be Good Enough)

Back by popular demand! The Smart Party presents DIY gaming – what do they mean by this? A bit of reminiscing about how it used to be “back in the day”, a dash of OSR and writing your own stuff, and advice to stop creating and start playing!

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One thought on “DIY Gaming

  1. danurai

    Thanks for the shout-out chaps. I remember dungeon tiles and game boards made out of cereal boxes, painstakingly drawn character sheets and army rosters (in Biro) and our 40k ‘habs’ were spray painted plastic packaging from Easter Eggs. One summer Andrew and I took our combined experience of board and war gaming and played our own Mad Max inspired game using converted matchbox cars, tape measures and d6s, scribbling the rules down as we made them up.

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