Episode 37 – What We Want From Books


Episode 37 – What We Want From Books

Gaming books aren’t what they used to be. Back in the old days summers were longer and hotter; and cricket balls were harder. RPG books gave you everything they wanted… Or did they? The Gents take off their rose-tinted glasses (sometimes) to talk about what they want from their gaming books and how they could be better.

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Community Spirit


Episode 36 – Community Spirit

This one is about you. No, not you, you.

We’re all one big happy gaming community right? Everyone gets out what they put in.

Well maybe the Gents are a little to old now, and they can’t get the old working man’s club feel they used to get. Perhaps communities are all on the Twitters and we life in a consumerist 2-second world, devouring snippets before moving on?

The Smart Party ponder the existential quandary of whether there even is such a thing as a gaming community or if we as gamers are but seeds in the wind.

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Episode 35 – Long Con, Short Con


Episode 35 – Long Con, Short Con

Convention season is upon us and the team have been to UK Games Expo and had a great time. More on that and then a discussion on upcoming events and conventions in general. Could we go for a short demo version of a convention? What’s happened to the much loved Conception too?

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Fate Accelerated (Walkthrough)


Episode 34 – Fate Accelerated (Walkthrough)

As Queen would say, I wanna make a supersonic man out of you – or woman, or however you self-identify. Baz and Gaz deep dive into the wonderfully diverse-friendly Fate Accelerated; a quick and fast introduction to the Fate family of games.
You can get it yourself on Pay What You Want over at Evil Hat Games, so read along too if you fancy, it won’t cost you a bean! We’ve got a lot to say this week, so settle in for a bumper edition.

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Into the Odd (After Play)


Episode 33 – Into the Odd
(a.k.a A Merman Fell Down The Well)

With a bunch of our gorgeous Patreons, and other hangers on, Baz led us through a session of Into The Odd and much hilarity ensued. Here we talk about our experiences and how the game shaped the play. Stay tuned to the very end for a mish mash of clips from the session, and of course the full hour and a half is available as a Patreon only download.

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Roll the Bones – When to Roll Dice


Episode 32 – Roll the Bones
(a.k.a When to Roll Dice)

An interesting question from one of our lovely Patreons, when do you (as a GM) ask for dice rolls? If you’re not rolling them, how do you make things happen? Baz and Gaz ramble through a field of dice-filled ideas and thoughts on rolling dice in games past and present.

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Into The Odd (Walkthrough)


Episode 31 – Into The Odd (Walkthrough)

This week Baz takes Gaz through a journey Into the Odd by Chris McDowall. First impressions, through character creation (all four rolls of it) and on to deeper into the OSR style book with a difference. Come join the lads as they have a root around in the game and see if it might be your cup of tea.

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