Gamer Bling – Money You Don’t Have


Episode 20 – Gamer Bling
(a.k.a Spending money you don’t have on things you don’t need)

The festive season is already upon us (almost) and we’re already writing our shopping lists for Santa and generous relatives who don’t understand the hobby. Also, Dragonmeet approaches with even greater alacrity. What should gamers get other people to buy them? What’s the latest accessory sweeping the geeky nation? Find out inside, and give us your suggestions!

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If you’re within shouting distance of London Village this weekend, why not pop along to Dragonmeet convention as alongside our fellow podcasters at  Jackson Elias, we’re doing a live podcast from the event!

18:00 – What Jackson Elias Would Do?

Two of the UKs finest podcast crews go head to head in this panel. Imagine the worlds most polite rap battle with less dancing and more tentacles. The Smart Party and The Good Friends of Jackson Elias lock horns over the perennial question: why so much Cthulhu in gaming, and is it for good or ill? Raise a glass with us as we toast the very best and worst in RPGdom.

Cyberpunk – Designer Clothes for Roleplayers


Episode 19 – Cyberpunk
a.k.a. Designer Clothes for Roleplayers

“The ‘Net is a waste of time, and that’s exactly what’s right about it.”

– William Gibson 

Hot off the back of the Science Fiction ‘cast we bring you Cyberpunk!  It’s a Tale of Two Cities, pink Mohawks, chrome implants, Corporate Troubleshooters and anarchistic players and characters.

Where’s the fun in this subset from the ’90s?  What’s good about it and why would you game there?  What system should you use and does it matter?  Do kids these days even know what it is?

All this and more in our latest neon-hued ‘cast.  See you on the flip side chummers.

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Science Fiction – Gaming With the Stars


Episode 18 – Science Fiction
a.k.a. Gaming With the Stars

Why isn’t Science Fiction as good as Fantasy? Doesn’t seem to be from a gaming scene point of view, when blatantly it is in other media. So where are the good Sci Fi games at? What are the pitfalls of Sci Fi gaming and what can our intrepid crew do to assure a successful away party?

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Organising Furnace – Burn Baby Burn


Episode 17 – Organising Furnace
a.k.a. Burn Baby Burn

Hot on the heels (pun maybe intended) of our interview with convention organiser Fabian at The Kraken, we bring you Graham Spearing of Furnace fame to tell us about his experiences over the last ten years.

The Smart Party produced a pair of Fate adventures to celebrate the anniversary, so feel free to head over to DriveThru if you want to sort yourself out with some excellent con scenario action!

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Con Games – Conventional Wisdom


Epsiode 16 – Convention Games
a.k.a. Conventional Wisdom

What’s the difference between convention games and regular home games? Is D&D any good? What are the top tips for running convention games? Listen to Gaz & Baz as they give you their accumulated wisdow!

Read more advice here and pay what you want!

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Games Workshop – The Ten Commandments


Episode 15 – Games Workshop
(a.k.a Ten Commandments)

Games Workshop – that most divisive of topics, known to all the gaming world and yet so misunderstood. Or is it? The Smart Party podcasters used to work for the GW and have insider knowledge. Come join us and find out what life is like on the other side of the counter, and what GW can tell us about roleplaying.

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This is a German Convention – Release the Kraken


Bonus Episode – The Kraken

This week I was at The Kraken, a gaming retreat in Germany, halfway between Berlin and Hamburg at a lovely Schloss. I managed to grab half an hour with head honcho Fabian Küchler to ask him about this idea of a gaming vacation rather than convention, what motivates him and what advice he can give to others thinking of running something similar.

Recording in the field has some sound quality issues and people enjoying themselves sometimes intrudes – but still well worth the listen!

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