Episode 122 – Burnout
(aka It’s Not Me, It’s You)

The global pandemic is biting and it’s entirely possible folk are getting a little run down. This time the lads talk through burnout. What is it and what can be done? Are you just fed up for now and need a break, or is there something different going on? Settle into your favourite quiet space dear listeners, and let the old hands give you some words of advice.

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System Matters Too


Episode 121 – System Matters Too
(aka Can You Hear Me?)

The lads have been in lockdown and gaming like daemons. Gaming ones. This has given them exposure to new systems, allowed them to stress test some old ones, jaw about the comparisons between them and even think about what system are for. Dive on in and get the pithy answer to the eternal question “Does system matter?”.

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Consider yerselves deputised…


Greeting Smart Posse! We’ve been perhaps a little remiss at keeping things going here for the text-o-philes among you. So here’s a new missive for you to chew over. More to come!

Gaz and I are super proud of the Casts we’ve been pinging out for years now, and they are only possible thanks to the generosity of the Smart Posse, whether that be through Patreon, or KoFi or even something as simple as a Like, a review or a share. Cheers!

We have loads of ideas and projects lined up for the future. But before we pull the trigger on any of those, what would you like the Smart Party to do?

Things we have on our virtual flip chart include….

  • Scenario actual play, with post-game analysis and tips for improving the adventure for when you have a go.
  • Random tables, Smart style. You pick the title, we give you Dx options.
  • Smart Chat. Join us online for a chin wag. Casual catch ups on whatever comes to mind.
  • More system deep dives. We tackle the chunky book chapter by chapter for you.
  • Quick dips. One and done games with the systems you want to know more about.

….and so much more.

Pipe up with your recommendations please folks!

Thanks as always,

B & G

Online Gaming Advice


Episode 120 – Online Gaming Advice
(aka Can You Hear Me?)

Everywhere is on lockdown, but where there’s challenge, there’s opportunity. Baz and Gaz talk through the mysteries and vagaries of taking your RPGs online. How do you even get started? Where do you go to find a game? Why is everyone wearing headphones? Find out the answers to theses and many other question in this episode.

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Spring is Sprung


Episode 119 – Spring is Sprung
(aka Stop Saying Things, He Keeps Drawing Clocks)

The daffodils are bursting out the ground, it is (was) GM’s Day, and there’s lots of great gaming to talk about and emergent top tips in the making.

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John Harper Interview


Episode 118 – John Harper Interview
(aka The Same Page Page)

John Harper is a game designer with an embarrassment of riches in his back catalogue. Blades in the Dark, Lady Blackbird, Lasers and Feelings, Danger Patrol, Ghost/Echo and most recently the rebooted Agon in collaboration with Sean Nittner. He joins the lads to discuss BitD and other forged in the dark games, share insights on upcoming content including the cyberpunk Null Vector, reflect on Lady Blackbird and of course give insights into the latest project of Greek heroes, Agon.

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