​​Being a Better Player – I’ve Painted Myself Out of a Game​


Episode​ ​​7​​: ​​Being a Better Player
(a.k.a.​​ ​I’ve Painted Myself Out of a Game​)

​There’s lots of advice for GMs, but how can we be a better player? Every day is a school day, so if only there was a podcast to help us with lessons on how to do a more sterling job of performing the player role. Well, now there is!

Keeping Everyone Together – a Fighter, a Thief and a Magic User Walk Into a Bar


Episode 6: Keeping Everyone Together
(a.k.a. A Fighter, a Thief and a Magic User Walk Into a Bar…)

You’ve sat down for a new game but you want to know how your group of adventurers fit together. Or do you? Why not just crack on with the adventure straight away? What happens when someone’s character dies? All this and more is discussed, like the start of a bad joke.

Art in RPGs – Dancing About Architecture


Episode 5: Art in RPGs
(a.k.a. Dancing About Architecture)

What is the place of art in RPGs? Does it still have meaning? What constitutes good or bad art? Isn’t it all subjective? Gaz and Baz discuss some of their favourite artists and pieces as they negotiate some of the wider considerations of RPG art.

Settings – Cutting Up Museums


Episode 4: Settings
(a.k.a. Cutting Up Museums)

We remember them well from Fantasy Heartbreakers to the finest game ever made. Creating your own setting at the table through play might be all the rage, but nothing beats a good published setting. Gaz and Baz talk us through some of their favourites and discuss what makes a good setting.

Problem Players – Snooze you lose


Episode 3: Problem players and what to do with them
(a.k.a. Snooze you lose)

What are problem players and what do you do with them? If you don’t think you have a problem player, maybe it’s you? Gaz and Baz talk about some of their experiences and what to do to change things for the better.

Game Mechanics – “Going All Bilbo”


What Would The Smart Party Do?

Episode 2: What are your favourite mechanics?
(a.k.a. “Going All Bilbo”)

Whether or not you think system matters, the mechanics of a game are an integral part of what can make it a good or bad experience. So, what are good mechanics? Gaz and Baz talk about some of their favourite mechanics, and the importance of Halfling thieves in roleplaying games.

Trad or Indie? – Oceans 11 With Polearms


Episode 1: Trad or Indie? Who would win in a fight?
(a.k.a. Oceans 11 With Polearms)

Is there such a thing Trad or Indie? What does the Venn diagram look like? What the blue blazes is Trindie? This and more awaits you, gentle listener.