Who Are We?


What Would The Smart Party Do? podcast with Baz and Gaz serves up advice on GMing, playing, creating or publishing; interviews, war stories and shared experiences gleaned from decades on gaming’s front line and special guests in the RPG industry.

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4 thoughts on “Who Are We?

  1. bazking

    I’m here. My real name is Barry Stevens, my friends call me Baz, and I’m Baz King on the internet. I’m proud to be a founder member of the Smart Party. We started this because we wanted to put up rather than shut up. We want everyone to get better gaming in their lives. Why tolerate adequacy when with a little focus and commitment to the cause you can have the best that gaming can give?
    I’ve got 30 years of GMing experience, and I still don’t know it all. I’m trying though.

    My tags are pulp, supers, cinematic, D&D, forums, SotC

    My anti-tags are cthulhu, glorantha, larp, historical and gritty

  2. evilgaz

    My real name is unimportant as it makes people say “Who?”, but on the boards, at cons and in most other circumstances I’m Evilgaz. We soon worked out that the only way to make more, better games was to start running them and supporting other people in doing the same. Every day is a school day and we’re all here to learn.

    I attend half a dozen cons a year and run over 20 games in that time for people I don’t know. Power to the people.

    My tags are too numerous to mention, but I can usually be Yin to bazking’s Yang when our Chi is not in alignment.

  3. G2

    G2, G-Unit, Impostor…

    Initially a hanger-on, really. One of the entourage. But now, I make tea, fetch beer. I even get to photocopy character sheets. The Smart Party have well and truly embraced me as their b!tch.

    I don’t get to as many cons as I would like, but they say it’s for my own good. They kindly keep me from mixing with the public, saying it’s to protect their integrity. Also, I’ve done all the hard work by then (the photocopying, the tea, the beer) and they’re happy to take the ‘boring bits’ of ensuring half-a-dozen people get a great four hours of fun!

    In all seriousness, I didn’t think I was that bad a gamer, until I met these guys. Smart Party games are designed to entertain, engage and involve. I look forward to being part of the Smart Party events, and am one of many…

  4. Sexylemur

    SexyLemur by name, appearance, IQ, looks… you name it. I’m basically a buffer zone between Bazking and Evilgaz. I run nice, happy, cinematic games which appeals to Bazking but also fully embrace my dark side when playing in Evil’s games.

    My family means my Con time is severly reduced now but I still make a few appearances a year where I try to run games as much as play. Currently my game of choice at Cons is Spirit of the Century in a variety of genres but I recently purchased Houses of the Blooded and intend to run this soon – maybe Concrete Cow.

    I’ll play anything but like it to be pacy, interactive and have rules which get used – exactly how a game should be run.

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