All Rolled Up & Swedish Gaming


Episode 51 – All Rolled Up & Swedish Gaming

Special Guest time once more! The Gents speak to Paul Baldowski, joint creator of the excellent All Rolled Up gaming accessories, prolific blog writer, author of the Cthulhu Hack and more! We also chat about the latest games from Sweden and try to work out why we love them so much. Like Stranger Things? Play The Future Loop!
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Episode 50 Special – Back to the Future


Episode 50 – Back to the Future

Prepare to travel back to the times of Black & White TVs and only three channels on your TV. The Smart Party take us back to their roleplaying beginnings, through to what they’ve been playing at conventions only days ago. Guest comments, special features, Smart Party Healing Potions, intrusions from other podcasts, bespoke Trv Metal underlays. This ‘cast is a veritable banquet of nostalgic nuggets amusing interludes from the listeners. Both of them.

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Chasing the Dragon


Episode 49 – Ten Things We’re Jonesing For
(a.k.a. Chasing the Dragon)

This week the guys talk about ten of their current favourite gaming things. Everything from Post Apocalypse to Super Heroes, trying new things, system specific conventions, alternate history, Asterix, blogs and more!

Next time it’ll be our 50th episode! Drop us a line with any messages, thoughts or ideas. We’re excited to have a plethora snippets to pepper into our cast – feel free to send us something – we love hearing from both our listeners.

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Fell Running With D20s


Episode 46 – Fell Running With D20s
(a.k.a. Roll Your Own Adventure)

Well the Christmas lull is over, back to work and no time to be reading large tomes of gaming goodness. What’s an avid gamer to do? How about get some products that allow you to roll up inspiration? Will that give us all we need? What are the advantages? Our intrepid duo go fell-running with d20s to find out. Continue reading

New Year, New ‘cast, New You!


A new gaming year awaits us! What’s hip, hop and happenin’? The lads discuss plans for the future, new releases, upcoming conventions and a couple of rumours and speculations!

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Episode 45