Organising Furnace – Burn Baby Burn


Episode 17 – Organising Furnace
a.k.a. Burn Baby Burn

Hot on the heels (pun maybe intended) of our interview with convention organiser Fabian at The Kraken, we bring you Graham Spearing of Furnace fame to tell us about his experiences over the last ten years.

The Smart Party produced a pair of Fate adventures to celebrate the anniversary, so feel free to head over to DriveThru if you want to sort yourself out with some excellent con scenario action!

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OSR – Arguing About Mindflayers


Episode 13 – OSR
(a.k.a Arguing About Mindflayers)

What the heck is OSR anyway? Damned if I know, so we got the lovely Dan (from The Undercroft fanzine fame) to come and school us like it’s 1987. So come find out what those letters stand for, what the gaming movement is about, does everyone on really hate it and much, much more!

Every day is a school day!

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