Furnace prep diary


So I’m getting down to organising my D&D games for this year’s Furnace convention. I’ve got my plot all done and I’m fleshing out a series of encounters. As suggested by Lemur in a previous comment, I want to show off some of the bells and whistles of the game. I think it’s really important to do this. A great many punters at Cons will want to try out new games, to get a flavour of what’s going on without having to commit time and money to a game that isn’t for them. Even existing fans of your system or storyline will want to play something they are less likely to get at home, otherwise why bother coming out to play at all? Continue reading


Pick A Pocket Or Two


Why volunteer to run something?  You’re going to a convention and want there to be good games on that you want to play, but somehow there never seems to be what you want.  The solution is to pick up the gauntlet and run it yourself.  If you expose other people to your New Favourite Game, the chances are more people will buy it, play it  and run it and by extension, there’s more chance it will appear at a convention somewhere near you.  If delegates don’t volunteer to run things, its going to be a pretty shoddy convention…  but how do you know what to run?
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D&D at Furnace


I’m getting my prep in super early for this years Furnace. I’m going to run two D&D 4e games. One will be set in the Feywild and the other in the Shadowfell. Despite my own advice I’ll probably have some links between the two, but it will only be minor stuff tucked away in the story.
The advice I’m getting at the moment is to pitch the games at the mid heroic tier, that’s about levels 4-7. Initially I wanted to go paragon, but apparently that slows the game a little if you have 4e novices at the table (and I imagine I will do).

What would you like to see if you were to play? What wouldn’t you?

The Road to Furnace


This year there’s four members of the Smart Party heading to Sheffield to take part in Furnace. It’s my first time at this Con, and from what the other guys have told me, it’s well worth looking forward to.

We’ll all be bringing games of one stripe or another, and I’ll be letting you know how  preperations are going. Last I heard Evilgaz was all about the zombie apocalypse, Sexy Lemur was going with maximum Spirit of the Century and I’m doing my D&D 4e thing. G2 will be representing as player in excelscis. News as and when…