Pros & Cons: Dungeon Delve


Dungeon DelveI’ve completed a micro sliced review of this over at RPGnet, but I thought it worth compiling my thoughts on the book as a whole.

Now, there’s not much of a tradition of RPGs putting together books of one shots. There are some, and they’ve always (by their very nature I suppose) been a mixed bag. This one is no exception, but it’s still a superb resource for the harried DM, and who isn’t one of those?

Under the hardback covers we get 190 pages and 30 small adventures, called delves, for D&D 4e. My copy cost me exactly the same as the WotC adventures already on the market such as Keep on the Shadowfell. That makes it a whole lot of adventure for your money in comparison.

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Dungeon Delve: microsliced review


Over at RPGnet I’ve been slogging away at reviewing Dungeon Delve, a collection of 30 oneshots for D&D 4e.

I’ve just finished 20 of them, so would like to draw your attention to that thread if I may.

Full review to come when I’ve done the lot.

And my capsule review is now up at RPGnet right here!