Con-Quest Report (One of a Few?)


The universally accepted wisdom is that if you’re running a convention, you must be mad. There have been many occasions when I’ve discussed this with the Smart Party and others and basically asked the fundamental question “Its not that hard is it?”. Well, the only way to find out is to run one myself. So I did. This was my first outing as a convention organiser and all new and exciting. Or scary, depends on how you look at it.
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Con-Quest Sign Up Sheet Creation


Sign up sheets have always been something I’ve done in a fairly singular way. Different one for each game, relevant fonts, catchy colour scheme, eye for getting the information out, tags of the key bits… so with a ton to print for Con-Quest it came as a bit of a challenge to think of something that would be suitable for all the eclectic games we’ve got. Essentially all the important info had to be there and ideally it’d be elegant. Continue reading

Con-Quest Announced


Four old hands from the gaming scene have seen a Midlands shaped hole in the UK gaming calendar. Much like taking your own games to run at cons if other people aren’t providing them, we decided to provide our own convention as no-one else seemed to be putting a show on. What could possibly go wrong?

With all that’s good in gaming and a broad church appeal that will see everything from D&D 4e to Indie publishing, via home brew settings and systems any other flavour you can think of, we aim to have the best in RPGs, board games, card games, miniatures, whatever the gaming public demands – plus a select array of traders.

We’re currently getting the website built, but initial information can be found on UK Roleplayers and we’ve already had game submissions in the first 24 hours. So if you can make it on 10-4-10 (that’s 10th April 2010) to the Derby Assembly Rooms (that’s UK for you colonials) for a full day of sociable, varied gaming, you’d be well advised to come on down and say hello.

My only current worry is not getting to play or run any games myself, I’ll just have to organise. But maybe if I’m sneaky… regardless, we’ll have the other Smart Party members there in force, so come along and jump on in for the big win!