90s Magazines


Episode 139 – 90s Magazines (aka Fool’s Gold)

Good friend of the show Dirk the Dice off of The Grognard Files is a guest this week, to talk to the lads about gaming in the 90s; a period when he was in the “deep freeze” and away from roleplaying games. RPG magazines from that storied decade are all he has to go on as evidence of gaming back then, and so Dirk presents our hosts with assumptions to be debunked, or otherwise.

If you want to know more about the Grognard Files you can find out on the website here.

If you dig actual plays and reviews of played modules, check out the new YouTube channel.

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2 thoughts on “90s Magazines

  1. tim ellis

    There are at least some gaming fanzines in the British copyright library – IIRC Paul Mason sent them some copies of IMAZINE and as a result they contacted some editors of other ‘zines to request copies. (Some were flattered, others, again as I remember it were less than happy that “officialdom” wanted to “interfere” in their hobby). I think Paul had applied for, or was applying for whatever the magazine version of an ISBN number is for magazines [ISSN] whicn might have been what prompted this.
    On that basis, I would assume any professional magazine from a legitimate publisher might also be deposited there – but that might be a dangerous assumption…

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