Consider yerselves deputised…


Greeting Smart Posse! We’ve been perhaps a little remiss at keeping things going here for the text-o-philes among you. So here’s a new missive for you to chew over. More to come!

Gaz and I are super proud of the Casts we’ve been pinging out for years now, and they are only possible thanks to the generosity of the Smart Posse, whether that be through Patreon, or KoFi or even something as simple as a Like, a review or a share. Cheers!

We have loads of ideas and projects lined up for the future. But before we pull the trigger on any of those, what would you like the Smart Party to do?

Things we have on our virtual flip chart include….

  • Scenario actual play, with post-game analysis and tips for improving the adventure for when you have a go.
  • Random tables, Smart style. You pick the title, we give you Dx options.
  • Smart Chat. Join us online for a chin wag. Casual catch ups on whatever comes to mind.
  • More system deep dives. We tackle the chunky book chapter by chapter for you.
  • Quick dips. One and done games with the systems you want to know more about.

….and so much more.

Pipe up with your recommendations please folks!

Thanks as always,

B & G

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