Episode 116 – Earthdawn
(aka God’s Own Game)

Let’s wind back the clock to where the stories of this podcast began, it’s 1994 and the lads are talking Earthdawn. Cult classic, D&D Done Right, post-apocalyptic fantasy, the history of Shadowrun even – call it what you will. The boys gives you all you need to know on their oft-mentioned favourite game from yesteryear. What is the Step System? What makes Dwarves different? How do magic items become Legendary? Bathe yourselves in an hour of nostalgia and misty-eyed reminiscing of one of the finest games in the back catalogue.

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One thought on “Earthdawn

  1. Brett Bowen

    Great episode about Earthdawn. Sounds like you’re old school fans like me. That said, you should check out the 4th edition that FASA is putting out now. It’s got lots of good system updates.
    You asked for any hacks done to bring Earthdawn into a different system. Well, here’s the one me and my party worked up for the Genesys system by Fantasy Flight Games.

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