Savage Worlds Walkthrough – Part One


Episode 103 – Savage Worlds Walkthrough – Part One
(a.k.a. What Colour is Your Wild Die?)

Savage Worlds is one of the lad’s favourite games, they’ve been there since the beginning (arguably before!) and the new Adventure Edition is hitting virtual inboxes everywhere, with the physical products due in store soon (sometimes referred to as SWADE) – so let the guys take you on a walkthrough of one of the best action adventure systems out there. Great for beginners thinking of joining in, or old hands who want to see what’s new.

Pinnacle Entertainment have lots of news on the core products, licenced goodies and an active forum too.

Get in touch, the lads love to hear from you!

Direct download here!


3 thoughts on “Savage Worlds Walkthrough – Part One

  1. Rob Towell (Ndreare)

    I think this was a pretty fair review of the game.
    I think a lot of perceived complexity will be addressed once Shane does a new Quick Start

    • I agree with Mr Towell. Your review is pretty good and fair.
      The SWADE rules are less vague in several areas. The layout is also more user friendly. While it’s no longer the cheapest way to get into role playing, I think the book does a better job in layout and presentation for newer players.

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