Dungeon Master’s Guide – Part Two


Episode 95 – Dungeon Master’s Guide – Part Two
(a.k.a. A Thinking DMs Book)

With a surfeit of D&D designer guests and other goodness, the lads round off their current D&D coverage with a walkthrough of the second half of the DMG. What old favourites still languish in the book, and what exciting new gems? How has the last few years of gaming and writing thereof influenced this tome? When D&D 6 comes out – will we even still have a DMG? All this and more is discussed in this week’s bumper episode.

Look out for the bonus episode, with rolls on tables from the DMG and a live example of ideas for creating scenarios. Have you used the DMG in anger? Got thoughts on the book? Let The Smart Party know… Find the lads via Facebook, on the Twitters: @the_smart_party or email the guys directly!

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One thought on “Dungeon Master’s Guide – Part Two

  1. Lindsay

    I don’t know. I still like the Sword +1 and my players do too.

    My favourite item which I gave out, aside from the Deck of Many Things, was a +3 Greatsword. It originally belonged to a Githyank so it was an evil, sentient blade.

    The party got it at 2nd-level.

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