Bonus Episode – Rolling Up A DMG Scenario


Bonus Episode – Rolling Up A DMG Scenario
(a.k.a. Stop Moaning and Roll Your Dice)

Hot on the heels of our Dungeon Master’s Guide overview (part one), the lads have done a bonus episode rolling on the tables in the DMG and coming up with some ideas for a scenario. If you’ve got a copy of the book handy, then play along as they come up with table entries and what they might mean.

Think about what you might do. Let the guys know how you get on. What would you do differently? Have you ever used this method before? Any hot tips to help new GMs?

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4 thoughts on “Bonus Episode – Rolling Up A DMG Scenario

  1. Lindsay

    I like the tables, though it’s not something I usually need to do, last night it seemed like a good idea to give it another shot.

    I hope the results are a fun example;

    Wilderness Goals
    >>Stop monsters raiding farms and caravans.
    >>Hunt a specific monster.
    >>Find the source of a strange occurrence in a haunted house or other location.

    >>Humanoid raider/ravager.
    >>Ally – seeker of revenge.
    >>Military patron.

    Adventure Introduction
    >>While travelling in the wilderness, the adventurers notice the entrance to the adventure location.

    >>The adventurers must choose between pursuing the villain or rescuing an NPC they care about or a group of innocents.

    Location Details;

    >>Dungeon location – Beneath a graveyard.
    >>Dungeon creator – Humans, Neutral Good, Ranger.
    >>Dungeon purpose – planar gate.
    >>Dungeon history – original creator still in control.

    It’d probably go like this (names changed to protect the innocent);

    Valanya, a merchant the PCs met on the road in a previous session, is after revenge. She knows the identity of the raiders but is split on how to go about it because the leader is her great-uncle, Nalhur. Since she also knows the Military Patron, a certain Lord Brand, she makes a complaint about the raiders. If Brand acts on the complaint, then her hands are clean(ish).

    The introduction isn’t finding the location as such. What they see is a Wanted Poster for Nalhur. It’s a gold reward for the head of this Ranger.

    Scouting around, the PCs discover the Graveyard only about a quarter of a mile away. For some reason, all the headstones glow at night. They’re made from stones salvaged from the ruins under the Graveyard and glow because the gate is activated.

    There are some encounters with the Orcs and Ogres who work for the Ranger. He was Neutral Good, but has changed.

    The planar gate is buried in those ruins. Nalhur the Ranger discovered the Planar Gate and activated it because he found a missing part elsewhere. (A possible hook for another adventure.)

    Finding the gate relatively easy for him since he’s a Horizon Walker (Ranger build, Xanathar’s). The humans who built it are certainly there but they’ve been twisted and warped by the pocket dimension on the other side of the gate. Nalhur has also been changed. He, like the rest of the humans, is a mad, flesh-eating fiend.

    The innocents in this case are some farmers taken by the Orc and Ogre Raiders.

    Nalhur tries to escape by activating another planar gate in the ruins and attempting to deactivate the first gate. Either the PCs pursue him or help the innocents escape the pocket dimension. If they chase him, the farmers die but no one will know except the PCs and the villain. If he gets away, the farmers are saved. But no doubt Nalhur will appear again.

    As for the gate, can it access other regions besides the pocket dimension which sends those inside it mad? Is the pocket dimension influenced by, or really connected to the Far Realm?

    A few gaps but not a bad start.

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