Greg Stolze Interview


Episode 67 – Greg Stolze Interview

Gaming Legend Greg Stolze joins the lads for a great chat about his many games and what he’s up to in 2018. Unknown Armies, Over The Edge, Godlike, Feng Shui, REIGN, Temintation Shock, short stories and novels – Greg has an impressive portfolio and plenty to talk about, so dive in and enjoy!

You can hear about about Temination Shock on Greg’s Soundcloud and read much more on REIGN and his myraid other writing projects on the Stolze site.

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4 thoughts on “Greg Stolze Interview

  1. Good chat and a great guest here. I was especially interested in his thoughts on the best way for publishers/designers to ‘grow’ new GMs. Is sitting at a table playing a game with a strong GM role and players limited to their PCs the best way to learn? Perhaps a topic for a future chat.
    A Penny for My Thoughts was by Paul Tevis and not Ben Lehmann btw. As Rob and I discuss here Penny has a rep for being traumatising which I think is more about what the players bring than inherent in the rules.

    • evilgaz

      Thanks Rich. Penny has never really appealed to me personally, but some of that may well be that observations have led me to believe that someone is always trying to drive a murdery / minor based plot, when I’m sure there are more nuanced and interesting topics.

    • Yeah, Penny is not for everyone and no shame in it. At it’s core it’s a several improv techniques combined together with a, somewhat bizarre, sf premise put over the top to try to explain it. As I’ve experienced, I’ve had better play by approaching it just as a series of techniques and leaving the premise in the background. I’ve often thought it might be quite fun to run it either with 40K guardsmen/marines who’ve been mindwiped and are trying to recover a vital memory from an encounter with daemons or a more a saga storytelling game like Baron Munchausen. A bit more distance might make it a lot more enjoyable.

  2. evilgaz

    The 40K hack sounds great! I think you’re right that making it less real life and more fantastical could give it more legs for someone like me.

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