Licensed Games with Mat Hart


Episode 55 – Licensed Games with Mat Hart

If you’ve heard about Guild Ball and the Dark Souls board game, you’ll have heard of record-breaking Kickstarters from Steamforged Games. The lads have an extensive chat with the loquacious Mat Hart about RPGs, licensed games, kickstarters and what he’s having for tea.

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3 thoughts on “Licensed Games with Mat Hart

  1. I had no idea Dark Souls bg was a homegrown startup on their second game. Kudos to them! Would love to hear more about how they got started and found their audience for Guildball.

    Very interesting the different expectations of a licensed rpg vs a licensed boardgame. Different parts of the same IP can appeal to different people. I can watch GoT because I love the battle scenes or because I love the family relationships or because I like seeing a lot of waxed arses. I’m happy for a boardgame to provide me just one of those things: like a big battle game or a social deduction who can I trust game. But for a licensed GoT rpg I would kind of expect everything. The system has to be able to do and make interesting the battles and the politics and the intimate encounters that defy the laws of gods and men.

    Maybe it’s because most rpgs are really just a toolkit for me to make my own games. I expect to have all the tools available that I see in the IP.

    The Battlestar Galactica bg is a great example of a boardgame that’s trying to do it all. It’s trying to have the politics and intrigue and space battles and the ship. Maybe that’s why my feel of it was that it’s a very basic game at its core (play cards to beat target numbers and guess the traitor amongst you) which is then loaded with a ton of extra rules to cover different roles, parts of the ship, space combat, supercrises extra extra. If what I loved about BSG was the space battles then I’m probably not going to have much fun keeping all those dials above 0. If I loved the politics then why I am fiddling with all these bloody models?

    (Clacks stands as an example of a boardgame that is happy to take a tiny slice of a novel and make a game out of it – and puts you in the shoes of the evil corporation to boot. Not saying it’s a better game but it certainly tries to do a lot less)

    Re: the Harry Potter licence, there are loads of Harry Potter games. Is there a particular problem with the rpg licence?

    Re: Bladerunner, there’s a boardgame called Android which (with 2 players) gave me a pretty good experience between Bladerunner and Total Recall. It’s a beast of a game though.

    Trash Pandas is an actual game

    Re: Kung Fu Panda
    I think Modiphius is developing a Kung Fu Panda boardgame.

    Re: Black Sails
    If you’re coming to Concrete Cow then check out my game Cutlasses Without Captains.

    • evilgaz

      Hi Rich, cheers for the thoughts – to answers some of your queries:

      Apparently a HP licence for RPGs has been explicitly ruled out by the author, but I only have word of mouth sources for this, nothing to link to. I presume it’s something about the portrayal of the characters that is problematic? Alternatively it could be something like the Discworld licence, where every game had a combat chapter and was instantly rejected, until the right draft came along. Ironically for GURPs.

      We know all about Android Netrunner 🙂 If you go back in the archives you’ll find an episode specifically on how we’d do a Bladerunner/Netrunner style game, although we’ve not managed to produce one yet. We have The former UK National Champion of the card game on as a guest too!

      Trash Pandas was a reference to Racoon City of Resident Evil fame, Mat is going to be doing a board game:

      Not sure I can make the Cow as it’s Nationals for Netrunner that weekend, but it sounds great. With any luck we’ll get to game again soon. 🙂

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