Live at The Kraken with Robin Laws


Episode 40 – Live at The Kraken with Robin Laws

It’s that time of the year again, and after last year’s amazing trip to The Kraken in Germany and interview with organiser Fabian, Gaz went forth again for more fun and games. This time alongside Fabian, he caught up with gaming luminary Robin D Laws for a chat about his approach to writing games, being at a convention and some of his inspirations.

Direct download available here!

You can get yourself a copy of Sharper Adventures in Heroquest Glorantha here

If you head over to Youtube, there’s also a video of Robin’s seminar on using that very document, including a fleshed out campaign framework and first adventure.

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2 thoughts on “Live at The Kraken with Robin Laws

  1. Andrew Dacey

    Something has changed with your podcast feed and I can no longer download any episodes via iTunes or even stream the content. I thought it was just an issue with this episode and the Night’s Black Agents actual play episode, but I’ve gone back through the feed and tried the 3 previous episodes as well, all of which I’d listened to without issue, and none of them will download either.

    • evilgaz

      It appears at the end of last month Google changed their policy and have deprecated web hosting support. Sad face. I’ll sort out an alternative over the next few days.

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