Continuum 2016


Episode 38 – Continuum 2016

It was like getting the band back together – not only were Baz and Gaz at Continuum, so were a fistful of other Smart Party members and we cornered Pete to tell us about his experience and why Fate isn’t rubbish. Sound quality varies as we were live and direct from the convention, but there are still plenty of golden moments at this much-loved UK convention.

Direct Download!

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3 thoughts on “Continuum 2016

    • evilgaz

      Hi Dan, thanks for the heads up. The file is definitely there, I’ve added a direct link to the Continuum page, and I’ll update the other pages at some point. Looks like there’s a glitch with how Google is using Drive now and the URL I’m using seems to drop in and out of use depending on their servers. Sometimes a refresh finds the page working again!

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