Community Spirit


Episode 36 – Community Spirit

This one is about you. No, not you, you.

We’re all one big happy gaming community right? Everyone gets out what they put in.

Well maybe the Gents are a little to old now, and they can’t get the old working man’s club feel they used to get. Perhaps communities are all on the Twitters and we life in a consumerist 2-second world, devouring snippets before moving on?

The Smart Party ponder the existential quandary of whether there even is such a thing as a gaming community or if we as gamers are but seeds in the wind.

Feel free to fund the community by becoming an honoured Patreon. We’re always looking for new kit or different games to purchase and walk though. Drop us a line if you’ve got something we should look at!


2 thoughts on “Community Spirit

  1. I had the pleasure being the GM mentioned in the 58th minute – and introduced Sue to the world of role-playing – and she was GREAT. Really impressed by how quickly Sue adapted – and I was happy to help. The whole group playing helped out – John R, particularly assisted with some step-by-step explanation of the awkward complexities – and it was a good experience all round.

  2. About the Quandries...

    Google Plus is where you will find the biggest gaming community involvement. You need to pop on in to personal circles more than the communities.

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