Fate Accelerated (Walkthrough)


Episode 34 – Fate Accelerated (Walkthrough)

As Queen would say, I wanna make a supersonic man out of you – or woman, or however you self-identify. Baz and Gaz deep dive into the wonderfully diverse-friendly Fate Accelerated; a quick and fast introduction to the Fate family of games.
You can get it yourself on Pay What You Want over at Evil Hat Games, so read along too if you fancy, it won’t cost you a bean! We’ve got a lot to say this week, so settle in for a bumper edition.

The Smart Party have got Expo on the horizon and hope to get an interview or two done while there, by becoming a Patreon you can help out with sort of endeavour. No promises the money won’t get spent on gin though…


4 thoughts on “Fate Accelerated (Walkthrough)

  1. Markus

    This is an honest question. How can i download an episode from this site? There is no “download button” to click & “right click -> save as” on the play button doesn´t work, i honestly don´t get it.

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