Dragonmeet 2015 – Too Much Cthulhu?


Episode 21 – Dragonmeet 2015
(a.k.a Too Much Cthulhu)

Dragonmeet took place in London Village last weekend, with over 1000 delegates, many of whom packed the seminar room to hear us discuss whether there was too much Cthulhu in gaming. As a live recording the sound is somewhat woeful, but hopefully you’ll enjoy some lively debate and laughs along the way.

You can help up recoup our train fare by becoming a Patreon if you wish, but we’ve already been, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to.

Find out about our fellow panellists and podcasters at Jackson Elias, they’re quite nice chaps for Cthulhu cultists and they’ve got some great content too!

18:00 – What Jackson Elias Would Do?

Two of the UKs finest podcast crews go head to head in this panel. Imagine the worlds most polite rap battle with less dancing and more tentacles. The Smart Party and The Good Friends of Jackson Elias lock horns over the perennial question: why so much Cthulhu in gaming, and is it for good or ill? Raise a glass with us as we toast the very best and worst in RPGdom.


3 thoughts on “Dragonmeet 2015 – Too Much Cthulhu?

  1. Hi,

    I enjoyed the discussion. I was in the ‘too much’ camp, but agree with Scott, it is largely down to cliched application of Lovecraftian elements.

    I think there was too much Cthulhu on the Dragonmeet Games roll-call, and they were generally the last to be filled, when we were frantically trying to find something to play.

    The influence of Cthulhu can be felt in all of my games, because it comes from a ready made mythos, global conspiracy, and interesting monsters and its sense of dread.

    This is our reflections on the influence of the game … http://wp.me/p4DjgL-2e

    Thanks – enjoyed the seminar and the podcast.


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