Settings – Cutting Up Museums


Episode 4: Settings
(a.k.a. Cutting Up Museums)

We remember them well from Fantasy Heartbreakers to the finest game ever made. Creating your own setting at the table through play might be all the rage, but nothing beats a good published setting. Gaz and Baz talk us through some of their favourites and discuss what makes a good setting.

One thought on “Settings – Cutting Up Museums

  1. The Vez

    I can’t believe you all were so dismissive of Blue Planet! “There’s so much to do, you could play for decades and never touch on everything.” Since when is that a criticism of a setting? Isn’t that what you want from a setting? And couldn’t you make that criticism of every good setting, including Earthdawn or Deadlands or the World of Greyhawk? Also the Biohazard Games edition of Blue Planet sure looked like it had a metaplot to me.

    Blue Planet gave you an intelligently built post-human setting (maybe the first setting consciously approached as such) with a truly futuristic society containing various cultures, government institutions and megacorporations, plus realistic economics and social issues. I suspect you were in some way reacting to the fact that it’s so intelligently laid-out that it actually feels alien. It’s harder to grok than, say, Traveller. There’s a lot going on in Blue Planet, but as with any setting you start in one part of it and expand out from there as play dictates.

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