Hot Character Sheet Action


Having played Hot War / Delta Green cross over at IndieCon and getting the right vibes from my character sheets from the assembled masses, it only seems right to pimp them on the blog a bit. Here’s thumbnails of the front and each of the alternate backs. I’ve blurred out the text in case I need to use them again.

Paintshop Pro is the weapon of choice, dropping an image into the back ground of Excel for the stats and using formulas and conditional formatting to get the agendas made easy for future use.

DG Front SheetVeracity Back SheetScorched Earth Backsheet


6 thoughts on “Hot Character Sheet Action

  1. dpmcalister

    Very nice. I use Paint Shop Pro as my graphics software of choice but tend to use Word for the layout of my character sheets. Spent ages getting one I really liked for my Conception Pirates of the Spanish Main scenario… not sure if it’ll ever see the light of day now 😦

    • evilgaz

      I use Excel for the formulas, especially Savage. I’m sure your characters will be seen somewhere, somehow, even if not Conception this time. But fingers crossed… The world needs more beautiful character sheets!

  2. Gaz,

    These are absolutely beautiful mate. Top effort. I’m a total amateur with this sort of thing, but an enthusiastic one. Now I’m thinking, my writing + your design = win?


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