First Post Dance


…right, let’s try this blogging lark…

…wonder what this button do…

Hi all,

Inspired by the weekend’s events, I’ve decided to try my hands at using my fingers to wordalise some of my own gaming thoughts. They are few and far between, and that’s why I’m hiding them behind a few introductory words of guff. At worst, they’ll give Evilgaz apathetic headaches. At best, they’ll give him dyspeptic ulcers, and provide some light relief or deep thoughts for the rest of us.

I’m hoping I’ll be a semi-regular poster. A bit like bin men, but with less rubbish (insert joke here). I have a few ideas in mind for topic posts, a few categories to box them in. I intend to start with Convention and Play Reports from Furnace, moving onto gaming philosophies and approaches, as well as trying to contribute to the One Shot focus of the Smart Party blog. As is usual though, a little self-aggrandising background is an opportunity not to miss.

I knew I’d get into trouble. A miner’s son and grandson, in the eighties, spending £25 on a game, just one game, was extravagant to say the least. But the sheer amazament at what was in that boxed edition of SpaceMaster meant I would look eagerly at my first informed roleplaying opportunity with my dad. Some may call it lying, others characterisation. But that’s where my hobby started. From there, brief dabbling with some version of DnD lead to CoC. The gaming habit really kicked off at Uni, and spending my breaks within walking distance of Esdevium Games brought me face to face with many more systems.

And systems were my interest, with less emphasis on character and more on numbers. And so it continued. Gaming through the late 90s and into the 21st century through various groups brought me to the Smart Party… and I discovered roleplaying.  Proper roleplaying.  More systems than I could shake a 10′ pole at, but I gradually realised that they were less important than the visualisation, the camaraderie, the story, the scenes, the plot, the role.

Furnace was my 4th con in 4 years, the best by a country mile. It inspired me to start contributing my own mind to this blog. I don’t profess to be the best GM, the best player, the best blogger, the best anything. But I have the occasional insight, I can use a spellchecker, and I observe. A lot.


2 thoughts on “First Post Dance

  1. SpaceMaster?! Funny what you learn on the internet! One day I’ll tell all about the game of SpaceMaster Gaz ran, where I was the only player. Actually, that’s pretty much the whole story.

    Good work fella. Top weekend too.

  2. evilgaz

    We had an ace game of Spacemaster (against the odds) at the very first Dragonmeet. It was set in Venusian Jungles. Go figure.

    Well done that man, I’ll introduce you to the “more” tag later, but your first post deserves to be here in its full glory!

    Welcome aboard.

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