Fast Furious Furnace Flyers


I’m set to run two games at this year’s Furnace. Here’s what the frothing horde will see at the sign up scrum…

The Fey Team

The Night Riders


4 thoughts on “Fast Furious Furnace Flyers

  1. zackspacks

    Excellent work, and I did see them sellotaped to the brick wall near the sign-up sheets. Although I had produced flyers for my scenarios, I hadn’t taken a printed version of them with me so I missed that trick of yours. That’s one to note for next time, cheers, Paul.

  2. Mik

    It may be a size of Con thing. I’ll do pretties for somewhere like Conception where the game is vying for attention with loads of other stuff, but at a smaller setting I tend to just let the Con book do its job.

  3. evilgaz

    I think it was a good effort for a Luddite like you Baz! 😉 Just to balance the previous comment though, I rarely use con books, relying instead on the online presence. I usually flick through such a book and discard it. Nice to have if there is good stuff in there, usually though, not really worth it when there’s gaming to be had.

    Promo is always a good thing however and adds a layer of presumed professionalism to things.

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