As mentioned elsewhere, I went on the spur of the moment to CONcrete Cow recently, a jolly little affair, which charges to cover costs of the room hire and has a couple of traders and three game slots. Typically the morning slot is oversubscribed, with diminishing returns as the day goes on. This one felt under-attended compared to the Spring version, but there were still happy faces about the place. I got there early and was able to sign up to a game of Spite. Nutters on the fringe of society bringing down renegade Angels who are judging people too early and occasionally annihilating entire US states on their way. Sounds down my alley.

It was a good set up for a one shot, and I’ll spare all the details of the scenario to protect the innocent who might want to try this at some future convention, but essentially we were a bunch of dysfunctional crazies who’d seen too much and lived in a disused and rotten slaughterhouse. It was entirely clear at the outset what we were allowed to do with our characters, or how far to go, but people just pushed the envelope and largely we found that you could keep on pushing. Aw yeah.

The system on the whole seemed to work out okay, I’d definitely do it again. Whether its something I’d run at a con… from a background and basics point of view, all good. The main problem I’d see is that Sorcerer type characters can have several sheets of powers and that’s a lot for a FNG to take on board at once. Largely the system seemed solid though, with players encouraged to Kill (not “spend”) points to get extra dice, re-rolls or other combinations of benefit which was all good – certain moves suited certain players and as long as you got a refresh or two on the way, it felt good to blow resource to bring the cool manoeuvre.

Narration was kind of up front and in the rear. If you wanted an extra die on an attack, you made a kewl description of what you were doing. If you succeed, then you have to narrate what happens. Largely though, you’d already said what you want to happen up front and so you’re more or less repeating yourself for the resolution. I think this slowed things up and was unnecessary, so if I were to run it, I think I’d go more with my default stance of filling in the details after the roll (so everyone was clear on the result of the action) and let the players sing for their supper with a statement of intent before the roll. Just to keep things clipping along nicely.

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