Furnace games sent in


Furnace is my big Convention this year and I’ve just sent in my two games for inclusion. I’m going with two games of D&D 4e, both set at 5th level and the stories play off of each other (slightly). I’m going with my ‘Feywild and Shadowfell at war’ theme. The first game is ‘The Fey Team’ and is an assassination mission behind enemy ley lines. The second is ‘Night Rider’ and tells a similar tale from the Shadow perspective, except with sabotage in mind. Hope I get some players!


4 thoughts on “Furnace games sent in

  1. evilgaz

    Why wouldn’t you get players? What’s happened to your confidence? Don’t get all weak on me now… 😉

  2. Heh. My games will be awesome, naturally. But there’s stiff competition this year.

    Funny though, scanning the programme I looked more at the name of the GM than the system… There might be a post there you know.

  3. zackspacks

    I think you will be fine, as D&D is the choice of the masses, and like Cthulhu, I would say the basic mechanic is ingrained into most RPers. After seeing this I have actually emailed a couple of mates who only play D&D, in an attempt to get their backsides to Furnace, with the carrot that you are running D&D. The \’Fey\’ team eh ? Nice one. Do they \’like it when a plan comes together\’ ? 😛

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