Earthdawn Dawn Again?


It is with some interest that I keep an eye on the Earthdawn brand.  A great game picked up some time ago by Redbrick on the other side of the world, they announced recently a third, revamped edition of the game, with Mongoose and their Flaming Cobra project.  Still wondering how that’s going to work out, and indeed if it’s going to produce something more user-friendly to newbies at conventions, because a one-shot really doesn’t show this bad boy off properly.

The official dice are out as well, which look funky.  Q Workshop are going to be at Tentacles next weekend too, so I might have to buy the dice and then run the game.  Earthdawn at Furnace maybe?


One thought on “Earthdawn Dawn Again?

  1. And that’s just how good Earthdawn is, it gets a post on The Smart Party, despite it having [i]nothing[/i] at all to do with cons or oneshots!
    No complaints from me though, it is actually the single greatest RPG ever.

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