D&D at Furnace


I’m getting my prep in super early for this years Furnace. I’m going to run two D&D 4e games. One will be set in the Feywild and the other in the Shadowfell. Despite my own advice I’ll probably have some links between the two, but it will only be minor stuff tucked away in the story.
The advice I’m getting at the moment is to pitch the games at the mid heroic tier, that’s about levels 4-7. Initially I wanted to go paragon, but apparently that slows the game a little if you have 4e novices at the table (and I imagine I will do).

What would you like to see if you were to play? What wouldn’t you?

2 thoughts on “D&D at Furnace

  1. Sexylemur

    Hello Baz

    Right! I want to see world/setting specific characters – I’m thinking Avenger, shifters, devas etc. Some stuff thats not just generic fantasy. Tieflings and Dragonborn, not just Dwarfs and Elves. I don’t want to see Wizards when there are Warlocks and other magic using types. It has to be fantasy BUT it needs to be the new good stuff from 4e.

    I want to see the system showcased. The basic rules work really well but unless the skill challenge rules are used, it can feel like a minis game – a good one, but a minis game non the less.

    If you are using minis, use ones that look like what they are supposed to OR use counters instead.

    The only other bits you need are excellent story ideas and fantastic timings/pace. Easy.

    • Cheers mate, that’s good advice. I’m making sure I’ve got exactly the right minis and tiles for the combat encounters. I’m also building a couple of skill challenges around the characters too. Watch out for a new update soon on how my scenario is going. It’s called ‘The Fey Team’.

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