The Road to Furnace


This year there’s four members of the Smart Party heading to Sheffield to take part in Furnace. It’s my first time at this Con, and from what the other guys have told me, it’s well worth looking forward to.

We’ll all be bringing games of one stripe or another, and I’ll be letting you know how  preperations are going. Last I heard Evilgaz was all about the zombie apocalypse, Sexy Lemur was going with maximum Spirit of the Century and I’m doing my D&D 4e thing. G2 will be representing as player in excelscis. News as and when…

3 thoughts on “The Road to Furnace

  1. Furnace is an excellent little convention (last year was the first time I attended). Unfortunately, this year, it clashes with my wife’s 40th birthday so I won’t be there. I’m sure you’ll have fun though 🙂

  2. evilgaz

    It is indeed a great little Con, all about the games. I think we’ve got something like 8+ slots of Smart Party gaming goodness, which is rare treat. I can see me taking some Savage – probably one of the games will involve my long-running anti-hero, Tight Purse Harvey.

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