Con gaming: The Debate Widens


There’s lots of chatter going on right now about Con gaming. Here’s where you can check out the wider debate. Come back here to add your comments of course!


The Irish method of organising Cons


When do you walk away from a game?


Worst Con games ever


Best Con games ever


Peer reviews? Live Journal views


Any other debates going in in fora I don’t know about?

3 thoughts on “Con gaming: The Debate Widens

  1. There does seem to be a bit of a buzz doesn’t there! I’d be interested in seeing where you take some of the ideas that are bubbling around and apply to the convention scene.

    Noting your positive response to the ‘Irish method’, is the Smartparty going to run a more publicly available convention and have a go at implementing some new thinking on assuring GM/scenario quality? I remain unconvinced for Furnace but am open to new ideas.

    • bazking

      One step at a time I think. Me and Evilgaz are in talks about just such a thing. At the moment we are thinking about something pretty small scale, small enough that we would personally know each GM and their abilities. In the future, if we ever ‘go large’ so to speak, I can see room for a dual approach: Irish-like method and what they used to call DOGs (delegate organised games) where I wouldn’t want to guarantee any quality!

  2. I’ll await with keen anticipation. I’ll be interested in both the small scale (even if ‘just’ a player) and the one with extra fries and vat of fizzy pop.

    Dual track is an interesting approach, enabling you to have a convention organisers’ quality assured gamestream, but not be so locked down to prevent the wild DOGs being let out.

    I’ll be looking to see what can be learnt from any new approach.

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