The Smart Party


We’re here to run great games at conventions, and play in them too. We pay attention. We get involved. We give feedback.

No-one can guarantee you’ll have a great game, but we’d like to think if you play in ours you will, as long as you buy-in; we aim über-high so that even if we fall short, it will still be Good.

We will guarantee a basic level of service – the sort of game we’d like to play in. What the Smart Party want is more and better gaming.

If you’ve got constructive criticism and can present it in a friendly manner, then we’ll listen. We might not agree… but then again we may. We all want to be better referees and want everyone else to be better too.

Love your gaming? How about getting with the program? Why don’t you jump on the team and come on in for the big win?


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